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Spring is in the air! Meaning summertime is just around the corner, which will bring so many new beauty trends with it! I'm an aspiring PR pro who is completely in love with beauty and fashion. Keep updated with my blog for not only the latest in beauty trends but how to accurately pull off certain looks without digging deep in your pockets. Beauty hurts. But it doesn't have to. xo C.O


Hello Beautebing readers!

Check out the different pages listed to the top right of the web page! Just for You deals with personal beauty for every look, New in Beauty features new beauty trends, The Eccentric Side focuses on unique ideas and Yes, You Can explains how to pull off beauty trends that aren’t the usual. New obsessions deals with new trends that I personally love. The blog will be updated weekly so it’s important to visit often! Also, if you would like me to cover a certain topic leave me a message or a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Writer: Colleen O’Morrow

Photographers: Brittany Herbert, Colleen O’Morrow